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About AmbiSpace Ltd

Kevin Wheatley and Joseph Pezone created AmbiSpace Ltd out of a shared love of immersive and sensory technology.  They have a desire to bring well designed immersive products and interactive experiences within reach of everyone.

They first worked together in 2008 when Kevin was running a landscaping partnership and Joseph was the technical director in a young sensory company.  Kevin designed and installed sensory gardens for Joseph’s clients.  This included a special project for the Make-a-Wish charity.  The recession in 2008 intervened and severely reduced the opportunities to work together but Kevin and Joseph remained in contact.


In 2009 Joseph developed the first mobile sensory trailer.  Kevin designed a new self-contained outdoor sensory room called SensoryPod.  He made good use of his previous experience teaching young people with disabilities and from working with Joseph on sensory projects.

SensoryPod for SENThe first SensoryPod was installed in the Yorkshire Wildlife Park in 2010.  It was commissioned by Doncaster Council’s Aiming High team to provide specialist support for local children with disabilities.  Joseph, who was now working for a new sensory company based in Leicester, supplied and fitted the specialist sensory equipment as part of the installation.  On the day of the launch it became very clear SensoryPod was far more than just another sensory room.  It had a profoundly calming effect on the young people who entered, providing for a wide range of special needs.  You can see the original feedback report from Doncaster MBC by clicking the button below:


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The hangover from the recession was seriously limiting Kevin’s efforts to introduce SensoryPod to a wider market.  In September 2011 Kevin took SensoryPod along with his expertise and knowledge in to a larger technology company where he headed up a specialist team that would grow to become known as the Sensory Division.

SensoryPod had been designed originally to support special needs but by developing first the story pod and then sensory classroom concepts Kevin led the crossover of immersive and sensory environments for use in mainstream education and the care sector.

Kevin’s designs and projects won 6 major awards for the company during his time with them, thanks in no small part to an outstanding sensory installation team.

In 2014 Kevin persuaded Joseph to join him as Sensory Specialist at the company.  They worked together to rapidly expand and grow the sensory division.  However, it is always difficult to work for others when you have been your own boss and as the company focus shifted, Kevin and Joe left in May 2016 to form AmbiSpace Ltd.  Here their creativity and passion for designing and delivering new high quality immersive, sensory and interactive solutions can be set free.

And so here we are, welcome to AmbiSpace Ltd, the new home of technology driven experiences….