Education Project of the Year – International AV Awards Finalist

AmbiSpace Ltd are proud to announce we have been nominated as a finalist in the highly prestigious AV Awards 2018 for Education Project of the Year!  This is for the Sandfield Park immersive sensory room project delivered in partnership with Immersive Interactive Ltd.
AV awards 2018 education project of the year

Sandfield Park Special School required a modern immersive sensory room to support learners with a broad range of physical & mental Special Educational Needs. Every pupil in the school had to be able to access all of this room, ensuring full integration for each child to be able to maximise their potential.

Carly Hynes, project leader for the schools said:

“I am really pleased with our multi-sensory and immersive space. It is simple to use and the iPad with apps makes it almost fool proof. The multi-sensory equipment, although imposing when you first walk in, works in the space really well.  My vision was for us to have a space which could be versatile. That you could take whole classes in, swing back the fibre optic curtains and have a space large enough for everyone to be engaging in the same activity, as well as very defined separate sections, which as a teacher, you can still manage to keep your eye on all of the children, therefore the “sectional dividers” needed not to be a physical wall.  It all works really well.

My class this year is 9 boys, 6 of whom are full time wheelchair users. Getting them out of their wheelchairs is a huge part of our day, both for their postural support as well as being able to stretch. We have a 1.5 hour session twice a week booked, as well as some smaller slots. Within our 1.5 hr session everyone can get out of their wheelchair and do a few different things, which is great.  There are physically engaging activities within the multi-sensory area, which, with support from the physiotherapy department, helps the wheelchair users to become stronger and more confident in their bodies.

The system brings the world in reach of everyone and encourages active engagement and safe exploration. The children get a sense of cause-and-effect​ as they interact with the fun games and activities.  Children can visit otherwise unreachable places, experience sensations their disability makes challenging and practice real world scenarios in complete safety. The immersive room can be used for calming sensory​ or stimulating learning experiences​”. 

It is now fingers crossed for the AV Awards Finals in September to see if we can go one step further.  Competition is really tough with highly impressive entries from around the World including Australia, USA, South America and Qatar.

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