Funding – an opportunity not a barrier

Free sensory funding guide

Free Guide Click to download pdf

At AmbiSpace we are well aware the biggest obstacle to clients purchasing our products and systems is the issue of raising funding.  We know from experience that clients love what we do and the way we work, have a great need for AmbiSpace’s unique products and designs and would engage our services immediately if only they had a pocket full of ready cash.  We know this can be immensely frustrating when you have seen exactly what you need but don’t know how to go about finding the funds to buy it.  So, as is the AmbiSpace way, we have put this page together to help you realise your aspirations.

Free Fund Raising Guide

Firstly we have created a free Fund Raising Guide pdf document to give you useful tips and advice based on our years of experience working with sensory and immersive clients.  It is free for you to use without obligation and yours to share with colleagues and friends who may be struggling through the fund raising process for a new sensory project in schools, care and community groups.  We would love to hear your feedback on this document and your suggestions and experiences of fund raising so we can continue to improve this guide for others.

Funding Procurement

If you find the process of writing a funding bid daunting, too challenging or simply wish to maximise your potential for success first time around then you may find using a professional bid writing service worthwhile.  AmbiSpace can recommend the services of Graham Watson of Hope Consultancy for this task and would be happy to make an introduction for you.

About Graham Watson

Graham is a former Chartered Builder, building surveyor, lecturer, and trainer with a successful record of achievement in the initiation, funding & delivery of technical education and development projects for the construction industry.

In the latter part of his career he has worked as a training manager & business planning consultant working mainly with community organisations seeking funding for development of projects in socially disadvantaged communities.

He now operates Hope Consultancy, a business founded to assist organisations in procuring funds from charitable institutions & other funding agencies.

If you would like to find out more about Graham’s services please drop us an email and we will pass on your request.

Funding services from Funding 4 Education

You may find the prospect of fund raising by knocking on doors too time consuming or lacking certainty of outcome on a project you really need to move ahead with quickly.  In this case you may wish to consider a rental or lease/ hire purchase option.  If this is the case then you may be interested in Funding 4 Education, who have confirmed they are able and willing to fund AmbiSpace sensory and immersive projects subject to the usual credit checks and approvals.  This method can mean you can get your new resource quickly and pay for it over time as a manged budgetary item.     funding 4 education

Funding 4 Education works exclusively within the Education Sector and as a result all their products and services are tailor-made to reflect your teaching environment.  You can visit their website from this page by clicking on their logo.

Here are just a few of the unique points of the Funding 4 Education service:

  • Deferred payment programs, so your school can start using the equipment immediately and pay for it when your budget permits.
  • Flexible Payment Profiles. Payments can be made monthly, quarterly, termly, half-yearly or annually to suit you.
  • Budget Underspend: Payments can be structured to take account of larger (or smaller) initial rentals to account for underspend
  • Software only transactions (see “What can I Rent?” for full details).
  • Fund the entire solutions, including cabling, fabrication, building work, installation, maintenance, training services and licenses.
  • Master Agreements for phased “draw-downs” of equipment where you need to make stage payments.
  • We can do all of the work for you from sourcing equipment to installation and services.
  • Include equipment protection cover within the rental payments. Our own accidental damage cover designed specifically for schools.

We hope you find the information on this page helpful in your search for funding.  Please note AmbiSpace Ltd have no qualifications to be able to advise you as to which fund raising options may be best for you or what is most likely to prove successful.  We would also like to point out any persons or organisations mentioned above are simply contacts we have met in the course of our work.  While we have had positive experiences working with these people in the past we can offer no guarantees they will be right for you.  We do not receive any commissions or favours from any of the above and have simply added them to this page as part of what we hope to be practical information.  There will be other alternatives available and you should carefully consider all options.