Great Wonderfest 2019

The Great Wonderfest music festival held for the first time on the Isle of Wight was from the very start intended to be an inclusive festival for people with special needs and disabilities. AmbiSpace are very proud to have been a part of making the festival accessible for people with autism and sensory processing disabilities by providing five Sensory Nooks. They were well used by visitors throughout the Great Wonderfest providing an escape from sensory overload and an opportunity to lower anxiety levels.

Sensory Nook makes it’s festival debut at the Great Wonderfest supporting inclusion for visitors with autism and sensory processing disabilities.

Sensory Nook was a big hit with these people, helping them enjoy the the Great Wonderfest by supporting their individual special needs.

When you go to a music festival with three autistic children you do wonder if you will last more than ten minutes. Thanks to Sensory Nook being at Wonderfest we lasted two days!

All three of my children visited their area but my nearly seven year old daughter especially made them her safe place for the weekend.

On day two she had a meltdown and started running… she kept running straight across the field and straight into one of the Sensory Nooks! She laid down for around twenty minutes amongst the lights, no talking and managed to re-regulate herself. Normally in that situation it would have been game over for us and home time – this allowed us to continue for a while longer.

All schools should have one of these and I’m going to grovel with both special needs schools that my children attend and see if we can fund raise for one, now having witnessed how instantly helpful they are! Thank you Sensory Nook! It was an absolute godsend for us!

Michaela: Facebook message
Sensory Nook at Great Wonderfest

They’re absolutely amazing! Saw them at Great Wonderfest on the Isle of Wight yesterday and I was blown away by how good they are!

All Schools need these they’re fantastic. A real sanctuary for people with Autism, Aspergers and other sensory overloads!

Stacey: Facebook message

Four Little ones we know really loved this and benefited greatly from spending time there.

Chris: Facebook message
Enjoying the calm inside the Sensory Nook - Light at the Great Wonderfest inclusive music festival for autism and sensory processing disorders.

At the Great Wonderfest we had the pleasure of working alongside these guys from AmbiSpace Ltd! They have created the most wonderful Sensory Nooks for portable moments of calm in any setting.

Our Aisla gets overwhelmed in loud environments and suffers with anxiety, at Wonderfest she had such a calm weekend – in her own words – “It’s because I could chill in the sensory tent with the lights when I needed too”.

Thank you AmbiSpace Ltd! Such an asset to a festival!

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Sensory Nooks are now available to hire so you can provide flexible inclusive support for people with special needs at your festivals and events.

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