New Scent System for 2018

New Scent Delivery Systems from AmbiSpace Available to Order

AmbiSpace are pleased to introduce the new UK manufactured portable nebulising Ambi3Scent scent delivery system.

Portable scent machine

This home grown product incorporates our years of experience and knowledge to produce a system that is robust, reliable, versatile, easy to use and delivers the most realistic olfactory experience imaginable.

This new portable scent dispenser holds three fragrances at a time.  They can be three different scents or all the same to give a longer running time between refills.  The machine is plugged in to a normal 13 amp socket and is operated by a choice of remote control or Android app.  The nebulising system creates the purest scent experience and a powerful fan ensures rapid residue free distribution in to a large room.

It is designed to deliver realistic olfactory experiences suitable for the following purposes:

  • Education
    • Immersive learning experiences
    • Memory stimulation
    • Creativity stimulation
  • SEN
    • Sensory stimulation
    • Sensory desensitisation
    • Immerisve controlled exploration of real world scenarios
  • Care
    • Appetite stimulation prior to mealtimes (dementia care)
    • Improved environmental ambience
  • Leisure
    • Sensory enhancement of leisure experiences
    • Sales promotion of edible products
    • Visitor engagement
    • Brand reinforcement
  • Retail
    • Product promotion
    • Seasonal promotion
    • Passing trade enticement
    • Brand reinforcement
  • Hospitality
    • Ambience setting
    • Odour neutralisation
    • Brand recognition
  • Marketing
    • Brand creation
    • Brand recognition
    • Product launch enhancement
    • Increased client brand recollection

AmbiSpace have a large range of ready to go real scents available and can produce almost any fragrance to order including the creation of brand specific signature fragrances.  AmbiSpace also supplies a powerful odour neutraliser to quickly and effectively remove unwanted smells.

There are two more models to follow closely behind the Portable Ambi3Scent scent.  These are designed for permanent commercial installation for direct delivery in to a space or for ducting into existing air management systems for wider distribution.  These will be a 3 and a 5 scent option.  Watch this space for release dates.

AmbiSpace have chosen to manufacture their new scent delivery systems in the UK so we can guarantee the consistent quality and supply chain reliability for these brand new scent machines.

Get in touch to find out more:

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