Care Support

AmbiSpace use modern easy to operate technologies to create multifunction sensory rooms that adapt to serve a broad spectrum of special needs.  From physical disability through to high functioning Autistic spectrum and dementia, one space delivers for all on their personal terms.

Joseph Pezone has worked with many special needs care providers and understands the importance of durable equipment that works quickly and effectively on demand.

AmbiSpace sensory rooms calm, stimulate and recreate realistic experiences to make up for those out of reach or lost through illness.  They can help reduce challenging behaviour and offer a safe place to practice everyday scenarios that can be so difficult for people with sensory integration challenges.


Care sensory room

Interactive immersive sensory room inside a modular pod


AmbiSpace products for Care Support:


Modular Care Rooms (Pods)

  • Add extra capacity and make full use of outdoor space with a complete future proofed technology driven building. SEN support, behaviour management, dementia care, sensory integration therapies

Immersive Sensory Rooms

  • Update or create new dynamic sensory rooms that engage and support people of all abilities. Take your clients on personal journeys through the use of video, images and sensory effects to give them memorable experiences and positive life outcomes

Sensory Products

Interactive Technology

  • High quality robust touchscreens loaded with educationally approved apps for dynamic session delivery and learner engagement of all abilities
  • App, gesture and sound responsive devices and systems for active engagement and stimulation

Ambient Sensory Equipment

  • Improve the everyday care environment by adding products and systems that support behaviour management, increase concentration levels and reduce anxiety. Make your buildings more welcoming to staff, clients and visitors through use of scent, odour neutralisers, sensory lighting and animated lighting