Stimulate, inspire and empower your workforce and client base through use of cutting edge audio visual and ambient sensory technology.  Deliver positive engaging sales and marketing presentations using corporate app loaded interactive touchscreens, collaboration technology and large format gesture controlled projections.  At AmbiSpace we can create exceptional immersive environments for use as outstanding training facilities and awe inspiring product promotion.


Interactive touchscreen for corporate

Clevertouch interactive touchscreen for corporate


AmbiSpace products for Corporate:


Modular Pods

  • Add extra facilities in the form of outdoor Pods fully loaded with immersive and interactive technology

Immersive and Interactive Rooms and Displays

  • Inspire, create and present technology driven immersive environments for training and presentation
  • VR without the headset for better personal and group interaction

Sensory Products

Interactive Technology

  • Large format touchscreens, gesture controlled interactive projections and tablet app controlled systems

Ambient Sensory Equipment

  • Improve the everyday work experience by adding products and systems that support positive mental health, increase concentration levels and reduce anxiety
  • Make your buildings more welcoming to staff, clients and visitors through use of scent, bio adaptive and animated lighting