The team behind AmbiSpace understand the needs of education and the opportunities for engaging learners of all abilities through technology.  Kevin Wheatley is an award winning leading exponent of immersive and interactive learning environments.  His experience teaching young people with SEN has given a deep understanding of the need for high quality robust and easy to use products and systems that deliver positive results consistently.  Joseph Pezone has been designing and delivering outstanding sensory rooms and products for over ten years.

Their ability to listen to, understand and interpret clients wishes ensures stunningly effective end results that deliver value for money.


AmbiSpace immersive pod

Planet collision immersive experience – AmbiSpace


AmbiSpace products for Education:

Immersive Space

  • Convert existing classrooms in to relevant dynamic engaging learning environments designed to better equip young people for the modern world

Modular Classrooms (Pods)

  • Add versatile specialist resources and extra capacity by making full use of outdoor space with a complete future proofed technology driven modular building

Sensory Products

Interactive Technology

  • High quality robust touchscreens loaded with educationally approved apps for dynamic lesson delivery and learner engagement
  • App, gesture and sound responsive devices and systems for active engagement and stimulation

Ambient Sensory Equipment

  • Improve the everyday learning experience for pupils by adding products and systems that support behaviour management, increase concentration levels and reduce anxiety
  • Make your buildings more welcoming to staff, students and visitors through use of scent, lighting and animated imagery