What We Do

Kevin Wheatley

Kevin is the original creator of the multi award winning SensoryPod.
With AmbiSpace Kevin has taken the concept forward to produce a new advanced range of outdoor modular aluminium structures with enhanced technology to create highly versatile interactive and immersive environments accessible to all.


Joseph Pezone

Joseph has vast experience designing and installing specialist sensory rooms and products for supporting disability, special educational needs and care provision.
With AmbiSpace Joseph has developed new products and concepts to make sensory provision more engaging and dynamic, better suited to meeting a much wider range of special needs and abilities than traditional sensory rooms.


AmbiSpace Ltd delivers for:

  • Education
  • SEN
  • Dementia Care
  • Mental Health Support
  • Behavioural Management
  • Training Provision
  • Corporate Facilities


Products which we offer include :


Immersive Spaces

Existing or planned new room converted in to a fully controllable immersive and interactive space.

Modular Classrooms

Self contained units for outdoor or indoor installation.

They contain the very latest technology to create Sensory, Immersive and Interactive learning environments.



AmbiSpace Pod – Outdoor

A stand alone outdoor installation, available in a range of sizes, specifications and colours with fully integrated simple to use technology.

AmbiSpace Pod – Indoor



Professional garden offices providing an efficient work space at home.



Interactive Technology

Technology that engages and puts the individual in charge of their own learning experience.

Ambient Sensory Equipment

A collection of standalone systems and products that can be added to everyday environments to improve the look and feel of them.