SEN Classrooms

SEN immersive sensory classroom

The Sandfield Park SEN Classroom shown here was designed by AmbiSpace for our talented friends at Immersive Interactive.  It is based around their World leading gesture interactive projection system, loaded with educational content, real world scenarios and sensory activities.

AmbiSpace supplied and installed swinging arm UV fibre optic curtains for flexible division of the space, Tough Jumbo twinkle UV Bamboo fibre optic tails for tactile interaction, a sensory ball pool, Interactive LED light tube, Fibre optic twinkle effect ceiling panel for visual focal point above the bed, UV flood lighting for calming and to support visual impairment, straight and distorted safety mirrors, space efficient padded bench seating that converts to a bed, built in vibration for haptic feedback and a vibrating wheelchair clamp for inclusion, multi scent system, wall padding and a physical interactive activity board.

At the touch of an app the whole room can be fully personalised to any point between full curriculum focused learning environment to personalised sensory calming.  It meets the needs of very low to high functioning disabilities all in the one space.

 Features :

  • A broad spectrum of mental, physical & emotional special needs.
  • An oasis of calm to escape an often confusing world.
  • Distraction free observation & assessment of individual abilities & support needs.
  • Opportunities for exploration & development of self awareness.
  • Management of challenging behaviour & practising of appropriate coping strategies.
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Immersive Spaces

Convert an existing or planned new room in to a fully controllable immersive and interactive space.  AmbiSpace design, supply and construct highly versatile rooms that serve as multifunctional learning and SEN environments.  One room delivers many functions all at the touch of an app button.

Immersive spaces include large format projections that can be wrapped around multiple walls and on the floor.  Any number of these can be made interactive.

It serves to virtually transport an individual or group to any place in time or history through delivery of readily available video and images from the internet.  VR without the headsets for fully inclusive learning.

Surfaces can be gesture controlled interactive or set up and operated via touchscreens and/ or tablet apps.  Scenes and experiences can be built up by the user in advance or created in the moment by pulling directly from the internet.


  • Fully bespoke designs to maximise the effectiveness of any given room
  • Touchscreen controls and interaction
  • Wrap around projection
  • Ambient sensory technology
  • Full installation
  • Durable and futureproof
  • Warranty, support and maintenance

They deliver:

  • Multipurpose resource
  • Controllable and adaptable environments
  • Personalised dynamic learning
  • High user engagement
  • Simple to use cutting edge technology
  • Inspiring user created experiences
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Interactive Classrooms

Hands on learning environments using tablets, touchscreens, interactive projection & app controls for dynamic learner engagement.  AmbiSpace interactive classrooms are structured around the multi award winning Clevertouch system.

Features :

  • Educationally approved interactive apps.
  • Hands on touch & gesture controlled interaction.
  • Learning through creation & delivery of user generated content.
  • Technology relevant to the life experiences of today’s young people.
  • A safe, robust, interactive space for exploration & self development.
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