SEN Classrooms

SEN immersive sensory classroom

AV awards 2018 education project of the yearThe Sandfield Park SEN Classroom shown here was a collaborative project working with our talented friends at Immersive Interactive.  The project has been so successful we have been nominated a finalist in the prestigious International AV Awards Education Project of the Year!  It features the World leading Immersive Interactive app controlled and gesture interactive projection system, loaded with educational content, real world scenarios and sensory activities.

AmbiSpace designed the room to make optimum use of space and meet the clients essential and precise practical needs.  We supplied and installed swinging arm UV fibre optic curtains for flexible division of the space, Tough Jumbo twinkle UV Bamboo fibre optic tails for tactile interaction, a sensory ball pool, Interactive LED light tube, Fibre optic twinkle effect ceiling panel for visual focal point above the bed, UV flood lighting for calming and to support visual impairment, straight and distorted safety mirrors, space efficient padded bench seating that converts to a bed, built in vibration for haptic feedback and a vibrating wheelchair clamp for inclusion, multi scent system, wall padding and a physical interactive activity board.

At the touch of an app the whole room can be fully personalised to any point between full curriculum focused learning environment to personalised sensory calming.  It meets the needs of very low to high functioning disabilities all in the one space.

 Features :

  • A broad spectrum of mental, physical & emotional special needs.
  • An oasis of calm to escape an often confusing world.
  • Distraction free observation & assessment of individual abilities & support needs.
  • Opportunities for exploration & development of self awareness.
  • Management of challenging behaviour & practising of appropriate coping strategies.

Immersive Classrooms

St John Discovery classroomSt John C of E Primary school in Dorking wanted a discovery classroom in which to give pupils aspirational learning experiences as well as supporting SEN children within a mainstream school.  The project converted an existing room in to a fully controllable immersive and interactive space.

The room includes 3 touch and gesture interactive walls, gesture interactive projection floor complete with a full suite of editable scenes scenarios and content including educational and life skills.  A 360 mobile camera empowers the pupils to record footage from the wider world as part of school projects and then easily import it through the supplied app to create their own immersive experiences.  It serves to virtually transport an individual or group to any place in time or history through delivery of readily available video and images from the internet.  Virtual Reality without the headsets for fully inclusive learning.

Clevertouch plus touchscreen A Clevertouch interactive touchscreen has been fitted to provide a wealth of educational tools teachers will be very familiar with.  The package includes free access to the online Cleverstore, a resource area packed with downloadable curriculum mapped educational apps organised by subject and key stage.  There is a section of activities specifically designed to support sensory interaction and communication.

The Clevertouch screen provides an excellent focal point for one to one or small group work within the larger room.  It has been linked to a large format wall projection so the work being done can be shared with others in the room.  Through the Clevertouch connectivity to other devices the screen can be controlled through connected devices within the room, making it easy to actually present and interact with the large projected image as if it was being done on the Clevertouch screen.

Cloud scene lighting

The floor has been raised to accommodate a full room vibration system, the colour change lighting is both auto dynamic and app selective.  The wind, scent and smoke effects stimulate the senses and add an extra realism to the amazing virtual experiences being created.  The sky light panels provide an attractive and practical lighting that gives pupils a sense of natural well being from being under a peaceful blue sky and the app controlled astro dome has a visually stimulating sensory effect as well as adding drama to stories and a spectacular party atmosphere when work is complete.

UV lighting creates wonderful night effects and supports visual impairment and sensory calming.  Air conditioning ensures the room is at an optimal temperature and the app controls mean it can be easily adjusted to add to temperature to the immersive experience.

UV lighting in St John Primary SchoolA hearing loop has been fitted to support hearing impairment and ramped access with hand rail provided to make for easy wheelchair entrance.  The room is controlled through tablet app, touch and gesture.  It supports multiple users at any one time.  Walls are finished in a strong hygienic panelling for a high quality light and projection surface that will stand up to the rigours of school life.  Furniture is bespoke made and finished in play grade vinyl.

St John teachers learning how to use AmbiSpace immersive classroomAmbiSpace provided the full design and build service including management and liaison of the planning and building regulations process.  We believe in doing things the right way, so the design and installation process was fully compliant with CDM regulations giving the school management team confidence and peace of mind from start to finish.  Full training was provided to staff on completion and a second follow up session provided at a later date to help advance their knowledge of the system when they have had time to use it more.

The technology can sound overwhelming when such a vast range is listed but in truth anyone who can use a smart phone or tablet can confidently use the room after just 10 minutes practice.  The app controls are highly intuitive and the equipment that creates the immersive interactions are discretely built in to the fabric of the room.  Pupils and teachers have a very natural and dynamic interactive learning experience they can adapt to their precise needs.  The St John Discovery Classroom enables teachers to provide highly engaging differentiated learning opportunities.  Pupils are engaged by technology they relate to and are empowered to direct their own educational experience so they learn from experience in the most inspiring of classrooms.

  • Fully bespoke designs to maximise the effectiveness of any given room
  • Touchscreen controls and interaction
  • Wrap around projection
  • Ambient sensory technology
  • Full installation
  • Durable and futureproof
  • Warranty, support and maintenance

They deliver:

  • Multipurpose resource
  • Controllable and adaptable environments
  • Personalised dynamic learning
  • High user engagement
  • Simple to use cutting edge technology
  • Inspiring user created experiences

Interactive Classrooms

Hands on learning environments using tablets, touchscreens, interactive projection & app controls for dynamic learner engagement.  AmbiSpace interactive classrooms are structured around the multi award winning Clevertouch system.

Features :

  • Educationally approved interactive apps.
  • Hands on touch & gesture controlled interaction.
  • Learning through creation & delivery of user generated content.
  • Technology relevant to the life experiences of today’s young people.
  • A safe, robust, interactive space for exploration & self development.