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AmbiSpace Pods are fully equipped, self contained units for outdoor installation. They contain the very latest technology to create unrivalled Sensory, Immersive and Interactive learning environments.  We offer three different systems all built to exacting standards to provide the highest quality experience.  They include a mobile container based unit, a modular long life insulated aluminium Pod and the iHus Sensory Spaces.

AmbiSpace Mobile

Take specialist sensory, immersive & interactive provision to where it is needed.  A sharable mobile resource that feels like a permanent fixture.

Mobile sensory roomMobile Solution that feels like a permanent fixture.

Drop on location, plug in & ready to go.

Save cost of owning & maintaining vehicles.

Strong, secure, insulated & air-conditioned.

AmbiSpace Pods

Modular semi-permanent long life structures with integrated technology for sensory, interactive and immersive experiences.  Great for difficult to access sites such as courtyards or rooftops as all components can be carried through a normal door entrance.