AmbiSpace Mobile

AmbiSpace Mobile is a strong movable unit that feels like a permanent fixture.  Drop on site plug in & power up ready to go…

AmbiSpace Mobiles are purpose built controllable environments created inside wonderfully robust steel containers.  They can easily be moved from site to site by readily available shipping container haulage contractors.

They are cost effective, saving on the expense of owning and maintaining towing vehicles, vans or trucks and the cost of employing and insuring specialist drivers.

AmbiSpace Mobiles are available as SensoryBox, ImmersiveBox, InteractiveBox and bespoke.


A complete insulated & air-conditioned sensory room ready equiped to meet the needs of low to high functioning SEN.  The SensoryBox has been designed to calm or stimulate on a personal level.  The touch screen controls are intuitive and the environment is fully controllable by none technical users.  SensoryBox is especially effective support for Autistic Spectrum Disorders and emotional well being.  SensoryBox is designed to support people of all ages.

Mobile sensory room from AmbiSpace

Add temporary or long term special needs support where and when it is needed.  Intuitive accessible sensory equipment designed and built to last by experienced sensory specialists.

Make your public event accessible to people with special needs and their families.  Share a specialist sensory resource to maximise return on investment.  Provide extra temporary SEN care facilities during refurbishments works or disaster recovery.



By putting the World leading Immersive Interactive system inside a mobile container and adding powerful ambient sensory technology we have created a virtual reality experience that can be taken on tour or shared between users.

AmbiSpace mobile immersive classroom

Interactive projection is enhanced with temperature control, dynamic lighting, surround sound, vibration, wind, scent and smoke to create a lasting personal impact.

ImmersiveBox is ideally suited to delivering real & imagined world experiences in a fully controllable environment.  It is the ultimate training resource, a highly engaging educational simulator & the ultimate engaging experience generator. 

It enables people with special needs to access life events & activities their disability may otherwise prevent.



Information coming soon…