AmbiSpace Pods

AmbiSpace Pods

Designed for stand alone outdoor installation as a high quality, long life semi-permanent building.  Available in a range of sizes, specifications and finishes with fully integrated simple to operate technology tailored to meet your precise needs.

AmbiSpace modular sensory pod

AmbiSpace Pod 4m x 4m

AmbiSpace outdoor pod, modular classroom

AmbiSpace outdoor pod, modular classroom, 8m x 4m

Pods Features:

  • Insulated aluminium structure in a wide choice of colours plus timber cladding options
  • Air conditioned for comfort and to add to the sensory experience
  • Easy to use touchscreen and tablet controls
  • Full installation including CDM compliant Lead Designer Service from a qualified architect
  • Durable and futureproof
  • Ongoing warranty, support and maintenance options

outdoor immersive pod

An AmbiSpace Immersive Pod creates a wrap around virtual reality experience without the need for headsets.

Strong visuals are created from projected images and video content brought to sensational life through atmospheric integrated ambient sensory technology.

This is the perfect controllable environment for practicing real life scenarios in a safe space for educational adventure and training simulation.

Outdoor interactive learning Pod

An AmbiSpace Interactive Pod is an intuitive education space packed with hands on technology to create engaging proactive learning opportunities.

Gesture and touch controls with BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), and collaborative hub built in for the ultimate connected classroom.

Fully adaptive at the touch of an app button for maximum differentiation and inclusion.

Outdoor sensory pod

A robust highly adaptable sensory room for people with low to high functioning SEN, mental and physical disabilities.

Add cutting edge controllable sensory provision and support in a complete integrated package.

Provide a safe space where special needs education can be delivered on an individuals own terms.

Pods deliver:

  • Additional space and resources
  • Controllable and adaptable environments
  • Personalised dynamic learning
  • High user engagement
  • Simple to use cutting edge technology
  • Inspiring user created experiences

“The Sensory Pod was purchased as a modern alternative to a Sensory Room. A stand alone building, individually tailored to create a bespoke, self contained Multisensory environment in one single package.  It offers value for money as it is a room within a room; this is a very practical and cost effective solution to space constraints”.

Olivia Scanlon
Brokerage Officer
Aiming High Business Unit
Children’s Disability Team