iHus Sensory Spaces

iHUS Adapt & Build Ltd are one of the UK’s leading disabled adaptations companies, specialising in the design and installation of modular Changing Places toilets. They combine over 30 years’ experience in construction with a specialist knowledge of disabled adaptations and have now teamed up with AmbiSpace to produce the new iHus Sensory Spaces, modular sensory provision for  care homes, schools, leisure centres, tourist attractions, public buildings, commercial and domestic places.

iHus changing places modular sensory buildings

iHus have developed a quick-build modular solution for disability friendly public access. They create space, rather than taking it away with their high quality outdoor buildings. With AmbiSpace sensory expertise inside it creates the perfect refuge for visitors with special needs, ensuring they and their families are not excluded from public spaces. iHus Sensory Spaces are:

Quick Build

Facilities are built in 3-4 weeks and take just a couple of days to install

Minimal Disruption

The pre-fabricated iHus Sensory Spaces are delivered and lifted into position on-site as a complete unit. This minimises disruption to any existing buildings, whilst accelerating build times and improving quality control

Highly Visible

The standalone units are highly visible, helping to increase usage and attract new customers

Future Proof

If you ever need to relocate, your modular facility can travel with you

Optimal Layout

Each unit is intelligently designed to create accessible, adaptable and easy to use sensory spaces, with a minimum ceiling height of 2.4m.

IHus and AmbiSpace modular units

The iHus Sensory Spaces are available in 3500mm x 4000mm and 3500mm x 6000mm.  There is a range of external finishes to choose from and each iHus Sensory Space is fitted to the highest standards with robust, accessible sensory equipment to meet a broad range of special needs including Autistic Spectrum Disorders.

Modular sensory buildings from iHus and AmbiSpace

For more information click the brochure below or click the button to get in touch:

sensory room from iHus

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