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**New Scent Delivery Systems Now Available to Order**

scent delivery systems

The AmbiSpace multi-scent delivery systems are now available to order.

The new range includes 3 and 5 scent options in both portable and fixed models.

These original AmbiSpace designs incorporate centrifugal nebulising technology for consistent clean and effective fragrance delivery and residue free distribution in to the air.

They are manufactured in the UK to guarantee consistent high quality and reliability of performance and supply.

There are a choice of control options including handheld remote and Android app or they can be configured for hard wiring in to your own command system.

There is a huge range of over 400 UK produced scents available to promote product ranges, create real world experiences, stimulate memories and provide sensory adventures.  There is also the option to create personalised signature scents for reinforcing brand awareness.

scent fragrance list

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Scents are supplied in recyclable aluminium bottles and easily changed without mess.

AmbiSpace Scent List

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How does Scent Link to Memory?

“The connection between smell and memory happens to be a directly physical one. The olfactory bulb in the brain is only two neuronal synapses removed from the amygdala (an area of the brain implicated in emotional memory), and three synapses away from the hippocampus (our brain’s short-term memory powerhouse). This nearness links the emotional brain to the smell receptors more closely than to any other sense”.