Joe & Kevin have been designing innovative sensory rooms and products for over 10 years.  Here you will find a few of our current sensory favourites but if you can’t see what you are looking for please get in touch.  We supply a full range of high quality sensory products suitable for baby nursery through to adult SEN.

Sensory room for SEN

This sensory corner is part of a larger room that includes a wrap around immersive interactive projection system designed to create accessible special needs education.  The corner includes a padded bench seat that converts easily to a bed so that wheelchair users can be lifted using the built in hoist system enabling them to access the sensory experience in comfort.  A built in vibration system provides a haptic sensation through the seating.  This is particularly effective for pupils on the Autistic Spectrum.  There is a pull out clamp attachment that ensures wheelchair users can share the haptic effect.

Visual stimulation includes an interactive LED light tube with 16 modes including sound responsive.  Tough Jumbo UV twinkle effect fibre optic tails provide a tactile option with “bamboo” style mouldings in the antibacterial polymer.  2 x swinging arm UV twinkle fibre optic curtains provide a sense of enclosure to the ball pool.  They are easily folded back out the way when using the hoist or wanting to open the room to its maximum.  A twinkle effect fibre optic ceiling panel provides a calming focus point from the bed and UV lighting intensifies the colours to support visual impairment.

The padded ball pool provides a uniquely physically immersive sensory experience for sensory integration exercises.  Two padded corner mirror panels make the space feel bigger and create the impression there is more than one light tube.  2 x distorting mirrors fitted to the wall have been set at an angle so that wheelchair users can see themselves in the mirrors too.

Out of shot is a large activity panel built in to a padded surround for physical interaction and cause and effect feedback.  A multi-scent system adds an olfactory experience for sensory integration and adds an extra dimension to the realistic effects created within the immersive projection area.

You can pack a lot of accessible, engaging sensory inclusive equipment in to a small space with good design!

Scent Machines

***New Sensory Product Alert***

Ambi3Scent & Ambi5Scent are two new multiscent delivery systems available in portable and fixed modes.  Add realistic scent experiences for sensory integration therapy, appetite stimulation and memory exercises as well as bringing virtual and immersive experiences to life.

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Portable scent machine

Light Show Infinity Tunnel

***New Sensory Product Alert***

The Light Show Infinity Tunnel is now available to order.  As well as a fantastic range of visually stimulating sensory colour changes the new Light Show Infinity Tunnel adds a stimulating range of dynamic light effects.

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New led colour change mirror light


LED Light Tube

Love bubble tubes but not the constant maintenance & risk that water presents?  The LED Light Tube from AmbiSpace is a safe maintenance free alternative that offers 16 modes including sound interactive & even a bubble effect.

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bubble tube sensory alternative


Fibre Optics

Fibre Optics are a versatile calming, visual & tactile sensory favourite.  They provide twinkling colour changes or UV enhanced multi-colour sparkle strands.  AmbiSpace have a wide range including carpets, tails & our latest addition, a Swinging Arm Fibre Optic Curtain for fixing to walls.

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sensory fibre optic wall curtain


Interactive Touch Screen

Interactive technology engages and puts the individual in charge of their own learning experience. It makes the person feel in control and encourages them to explore their own potential. The result of this is stronger engagement and retention of knowledge of the subject.