Infinity Tunnel

Light Show Infinity Tunnel – *** New Product ***

LED colour change mirror

This new spectacular Infinity Tunnel from AmbiSpace adds a wonderful range of dynamic moving LED light effects to the traditional colour changing nature of a long time SEN favourite.  The moving light patterns provide extra visual stimulation for special needs & sensory engagement for babies.

Sometimes referred to as an LED mirror or infinity mirror, the Light Show uses a 2-way mirror to wrap the viewers reflection with a halo of colour changing lights that disappear in to the distance becoming smaller & smaller.  It produces a fascinating effect that stimulates visual focus & the imagination.

Infinity mirror price £655


The Light Show Infinity Tunnel is supplied with a small hand held remote to select modes, speed & direction of travel to support visual tracking & sensory integration therapies.  There are:

  • 12 static colours
  • Step colour change
  • Fade colour change
  • Multi-colour
  • Colour swipe
  • Twinkle star effect and more…

See the Light Show Infinity Tunnel in action:


Interactive Add – Ons

For a better interactive experience and increased accessibility add an AmbiSpace large button wireless remote, soft play colour change cube or interactive tablet app.

AmbiSpace led controllers for infinity tunnel, led light tube and fibre optic light sources

(App appearance may differ)


Designed to be built in to wall panels, floors and play frame decking the AmbiSpace infinity tunnel is strong enough to walk on.

The Light Show Infinity Tunnel is available from AmbiSpace as a standalone plug and play padded plinth unit to be easily added in to any existing sensory or nursery setting.