LED Interactive Light Tube

LED Interactive Light Tube

The LED Interactive Light Tube is a 100% maintenance free alternative to a bubble tube.

Bubble tubes are a sensory room favourite for their gentle relaxation and visual stimulation, but they do require regular maintenance and cannot be used in hygiene sensitive environments due to the risk of providing a home to diseases including Legionella.

The new LED light tube from AmbiSpace has no water or moving parts making it 100% maintenance free.  It has 16 different modes including sound interactive.  It creates a spectacular visual stimulus with more light transition effects than a bubble tube can possibly match.

Modes Include:

  • White bubbles/Red background travelling upwards, White bubbles/Green background travelling upwards
  • White bubbles/Blue background – travelling upwards, White bubbles/Grey background – travelling upwards
  • Vertical rainbow, Blue/white vertical stripe, Red/white vertical stripe, Lollipop – rainbow travelling upwards
  • Colour fade – gradual fade through a rainbow of colour, Candy cane – diagonal red/white stripe
  • Pink/green diagonal stripe, Blue/green diagonal stripe
  • Sound responsive – responds according to sound/music volume – green column changing to blue in reaction to sound volume.
  • Sound responsive – colour changes with sounds made i.e. clapping, stomping of feet & talking – steps through a rainbow of colours with each individual sound made. Ideal for cause and effect teaching.
  • Sound responsive – “quiet time” mode – horizontal bands of colour creep up the tube but vanish when noise is made – sensitivity is adjustable.  Ideal for encouraging “quiet time”.
  • Automatic Cycle – Demo mode – The LED Light Column automatically cycles through Modes.

Sizes Available:LED light tube price

  • 150mm x 0.75m
  • 150mm x 1.1m
  • 150mm x 1.2m
  • 150mm  x 1.45m
  • 150mm x 1.8m

Interactive Add ons

AmbiSpace light tubes are supplied with a wireless push button remote control.  To increase the interactivity even further consider adding a colour changer soft cube or interactive tablet app.  The LED interactive light tube can also be connected to manual switch inputs & full room systems via DMX.

AmbiSpace led controllers for infinity tunnel, led light tube and fibre optic light sources

(App appearance may differ)

The AmbiSpace LED Interactive Light Tube is great as a standalone plug & play unit, or can be built in to soft play or sensory padding.