Sensory Fibre Optics

Sensory Fibre Optics

Sensory fibre optics from AmbiSpace provide tactile visual stimulus to brighten up any sensory play room.  The light emitted is a gentle calming effect made even more soothing & effective when draped around a person.  All AmbiSpace sensory fibre optic strands are safe plastic throughout containing no glass fibre.

UV sensory fibre optic curtains and ball pool

Feeling safe & calm in ball pool enclosed by swinging arm UV sensory fibre optic curtains

Swinging Arm Fibre Optic Wall Curtain – **** New Product ***

Swing Arm fibre optic curtain pricefsensory fibre optics curtainsThe new swinging arm fibre optic wall curtain is a fantastic product where space is at a premium or where you want to separate an area off at specific times & remain open at others, as in the ball pool photograph above.  The curtains are also a great way to provide a sensory experience for wheelchair users as the arm can be swung out to allow them easier access & interaction with the strands.

Sensory fibre optics curtain jointThe high quality engineering of the wall mount swing arm joint makes this a secure and robust addition to any sensory or play environment.  The light source is integrated into the arm itself for a very neat finish.

The Swinging Arm Fibre Optic Curtains are 1m wide x 2m drop and available in Clear RGB Twinkle & UV Multi-Colour.

Fibre optic strings price

Sensory Fibre Optic Tails – Standard

Sensory fibre optics colour effects

The standard fibre optic range includes Clear Sparkle & UV Multi-Colour.  They are supplied in:

  • 1m x 100 strands
  • 1m x 150 strands
  • 2m x 100 strands
  • 2m x 150 strands
  • 2m x 200 strands
  • 3m x 150 strands
  • 3m x 200 strands

Sensory Fibre Optic Tails – Tough Jumbo

The Tough Jumbo fibre strands are the thickness of a pencil, well suited for stronger users, biters & public play areas.  They are available in Clear Sparkle, UV Multi-Colour & Tactile Bamboo supplied in:

  • 15 strands x 1m
  • 15 strands x 1.5m
  • 15 strands x 2m
  • 20 strands x 1.5m
  • 20 strands x 2m

Cool Running LED Light Sources

There is a choice of two energy efficient light sources for the fibre optic tail harnesses:

  1. Interactive RGB – effective with the clear tails.  (Interactive ready for use with AmbiSpace remotes & cube – sold separately)
  2. White twinkle – effective with clear & UV multi-colour tails

Interactive Add-Ons

For a better interactive experience and increased accessibility add an AmbiSpace large button wireless remote, soft play colour change cube or interactive tablet app.

AmbiSpace led controllers for infinity tunnel, led light tube and fibre optic light sources

(Remote app appearance may differ)

Sensory Fibre Optic Tails can be used as plug & play or built in to plinths & soft padding.