Woodley School Test Sensory Nook

Sensory Nook at Autism School

Woodley Specialist School Test out Sensory Nook

Woodley school in Huddersfield is a specialist school for young people aged 5-19 yrs who are on the Autistic spectrum.  They have over 100 pupils with a broad range of personal learning support needs.  The school yesterday took delivery of  an AmbiSpace Sensory Nook to test out its capabilities in supporting their students.  They are the first school to do this and we eagerly await their feedback on the experience.

The Sensory Nook is a custom version of the Support model.  It is to be used in a busy open area to create a quiet space outside of the classroom for reading and drawing.  The adjustable colour select lighting will help pupils with visual impairments and has a strong influence on the emotional state of occupants.  The padding reduces noise from the surrounding area to more tolerable levels for the highly sensitive individuals.  The cushions have been upholstered in a comfortable wipe clean soft fabric that is approved for use in the health care sector.

Mobile sensory space from AmbiSpace

Woodley special school autism support nook

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